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Laszlo Janoska:

Decorative Painter and Founder of Laszlo’s Painting Studio LLC

For nearly four decades, Laszlo Janoska has been passionate about stylish living, the decorative arts and interior design.  As he enters his 21st year in business, he remains inspired by the mounting interest in the decorative arts, the diverse trends in interior design and his discriminating and growing clientele in South Florida.

The Early Years

His life was the perfect training for his craft.  Raised in Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo was fascinated by the ornate, decorative interiors of museums, cathedrals and castles throughout Europe.   He began to distinguish the difference between authentic natural materials, such as marble, stone and wood, and those illusions of the same materials created by the skilled artisans and craftsmen of that time.

Young Entrepreneur

As a young man and entrepreneur, Laszlo began his own import/export business – buying and selling artwork, decorative accessories and collectibles. He traveled throughout Europe visiting art galleries, museums and auction houses as part of his trade.  He relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, and continued his import/export business, eventually adding antique and collectible furniture to his business.

Coming of age in the 1970’s, Janoska frequented tastefully furnished homes with other collectors, connoisseurs, artists and scholars developing an artistic eye for style, balance, texture and color and a passion for design and creativity.

From the City by the Bay …

While visiting San Francisco in 1986, Laszlo was so attracted to the distinctive yet eclectic architecture, natural beauty and European-like culture of the city, he decided to move there. His art, collectible and furniture import business was immediately established with the fashionable antique dealers and auction house owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

To meet the demands of his sophisticated clientele, Janoska began embellishing furniture, frames and collectibles by hand painting decorative and faux finishes enhancing their appeal and value in the marketplace.  As a result, clients frequently called upon him to create decorative finishes on architectural details in some of the finest residences and upscale commercial projects in the Bay Area to rave reviews.

With this encouragement, Laszlo officially opened Laszlo’s Painting Studio in 1990. He created elegant, beautiful architectural detailing on columns, crown moldings, wall niches, medallions, brackets, corbels and more. His work naturally progressed to decorative painting on walls and ceilings where he replicated the style he was accustomed to seeing in his native Hungary and elsewhere in Europe.

In his unending quest for knowledge about new materials and techniques, Laszlo trained at the prestigious Day Studio in 1994 under the tutelage of JoAnne Day, master decorative artist, instructor and writer.  He perfected his techniques to meet the most demanding specifications and to achieve any desired effect.

Laszlo’s Painting Studio now specialized in decorative painting of walls, ceilings and architectural details and worked exclusively with a discriminating clientele including homeowners, interior designers, building contractors and architects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Janoska combined traditional methods and techniques with modern technology and materials; perfecting his craft to the status of art.

“It’s my belief that artistry should be ever present in our daily lives and it’s important to inhabit and work in a creatively designed space.  After all, the highest function of any space is to provide an environment where we are inspired to do our best,” says Laszlo Janoska.

…to the Village by the Sea

The appeal of warm weather in a tropical setting combined with the artistic flair of a small, metropolitan beach town brought Laszlo and his wife Shirley to Delray Beach, Fla., in 2001.  He quickly established a presence in the South Florida design community as a licensed painting contractor specializing in decorative painting.

According to Laszlo, “I’m inspired by the natural world and draw guidance from the lines found in bodies of water, landscapes, mountain ranges and rock formations.  The movements of the Earth and sea shape all elements in nature. “ The warm weather, abundance of clear, natural light and the tropical setting of his Florida home has enabled him to create some of his finest decorative finishes in his outdoor “garden studio.”

Laszlo’s Painting Studio continues to grow with a focus on the needs of homeowners, interior designers, architects and building contractors seeking innovative interior decorative finishes in South Florida.

Visit Laszlo’s online portfolio for examples of some of his finest work, learn more about the skills and processes offered and contact us today for more details.


Photo caption for professional shot of Laszlo:

Laszlo Janoska is a licensed painting contractor specializing in interior decorative painting for residential and commercial projects in South Florida. He is a long-standing member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) as an Industry Partner and a member of the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.


Laszlo takes a moment to relax in his Delray Beach garden studio with his wife Shirley, dog Max and African Grey Parrot Buddy Bird.

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