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Laszlo Janoska

Meet Laszlo Janoska

A highly skilled and licensed painting contractor, Laszlo Janoska of Laszlo'sPainting Studio, LLC specializes in decorative painting techniques and customized,handcrafted, European-style finishes for interior walls, ceilings and architectural details. With more than 21 years of experience as a professional decorative painter and artisan plasterer, Laszlo works out of his Delray Beach, Fla., studio to create distinctive hand-painted finishes that redefine surfaces and transform spaces.

Artist and Artisan

A Passion for Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo Janoska, the founder of Laszlo's Painting Studio LLC, believes that artistry should be ever-present in our lives. His philosophy is that it's important to be surrounded by art in a creatively designed space where you live and work. He further believes the highest function of any space is to provide an environment where you are inspired to do your best.

Laszlo's main inspiration comes from the natural world. He draws guidance from the lines found in bodies of water, landscapes, mountain ranges and rock formations, which are shaped by the movements of the Earth.

It's a common reaction to want to make contact with Laszlo's finishes. It truly is a tactile adventure — clients love to glide their hands across the sleek surface of what appears to be marble. It soon becomes clear that Laszlo's mastery extends even to the realm of touch, where smoothness and uniformity are balanced by variations in texture and color.

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