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Venetian Plaster

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With a wide range of design possibilities, Venetian Plaster is one of the most versatile and fashionable decorative finishes in South Florida today. Using plaster products, which were developed to an art form over centuries in Italy, the artisan plasterer creates the illusion of depth and texture unachievable with paint alone. Whether burnished to a contemporary, smooth, sleek sheen or crafted to resemble an aged, textured, limestone surface, master plasterer Laszlo Janoska of Laszlo’s Painting Studio creates the finest interior plaster finishes anywhere.

Comprised of finely crushed marble, slaked lime and water, the mineral based product is a natural, mold and mildew resistant material that contains low volatile organic compounds—low VOC. Hundreds of colour choices range from solid classic and modern colours to bronze, silver and gold metallics as well as pearlescent and iridescent sheens. Custom Venetian Plaster textures, in any color, can be created for your consideration.



As an artisan plasterer, Laszlo has mastered the application of the plaster families of Semplice, Rustica, Classica, Lustra and Nova.


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