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Painting Techniques

SAMPLE FINISHES 1 - Arch.Details - 14sm SAMPLE FINISHES 1 - Arch.Details - 28sm SAMPLE FINISHES 1 - Arch.Details - 11sm SAMPLE FINISHES 1 - Arch.Details - 17sm SAMPLE FINISHES 1 - Arch.Details - 18sm

Rooted in traditions that date to the Italian Renaissance in seventeenth-century Europe, decorative artists use contemporary tools and materials to interpret age-old painting techniques.  Inspired by early masters, Laszlo Janoska of Laszlo’s Painting Studio,  precisely executes traditional finishes and creates exquisite new painted finishes for a discriminating clientele.

Laszlo’s Painting Studio uses an imaginative combination of paint, applied with ingenious techniques and tools that result in stunning interior spaces.

Painting techniques range from a single process colour glaze to a more complex multi-layered marbleized surface, creating one-of-a-kind interiors that truly distinguish and enhance a home or office space.

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