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Faux Finishes

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The word “faux” means “fake” in French; not real, being an imitation of the genuine article.  Laszlo’s Painting Studio executes a range of faux finish painting with an artistic flair that “fool or trick the eye”.

Faux finishes require an artistic skill to apply paint to create designs, colours and textures that imitate genuine, natural elements such as:

  • designs found in nature – marble, stone, granite, wood
  • endangered, unavailable materials – ivory, tortoise shell, horn, bone
  • semi-precious stones – malachite, lapis lazuli, jade, rose quartz
  • metallic patinas – copper verdigris, pitted silver, aged bronze

Laszlo’s Painting Studio creates faux finishes for a unique, imaginative effect.

  • Faux Marble – marbleizing a surface to realistically resemble, in color and contrast, original marble such as travertine, black & gold marble, breche, floating marble, white Carrara & serpentine
  • Faux Stone – the application of layered paint to craft a surface that looks and feels like stone, whether textured such as limestone or smooth as in black onyx and granite
  • Faux Semi-Precious Stones, Tortoise shell & ivory – intricate, detailed, intense, exotic and jewel-like, the illusion of semi-precious stones–malachite, lapis lazuli, jade–tortoise shell and ivory is created using only paint and artistic skill
  • Faux Bois – also known as wood graining; using paint to create the illusion of wood and the skillful painting of grain texture makes the rendering convincing.  Any surface can be painted to appear to be mahogany, walnut, oak, pine, maple, just to name a few.
  • Custom Faux Finishes – custom designed faux finishes can be created in any style, design and color for your consideration. 

Today, with the rising popularity of surface finishes, the word “faux” has become an umbrella term to describe all painted decorative finishes.

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