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Decorative Painting

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Decorative painting is where the skilled painter and the fine artisan craftsman meet, as epitomized by decorative painter, Laszlo Janoska, serving south Florida with handcrafted European-style finishes.  Simply stated, decorative painting is an artful treatment applied to any object or surface to create any visual effect desired. Discover the artistry of decorative painting by Laszlo’s Painting Studio to transform your interior spaces into innovative environments. 


Decorative painting includes:

  • Faux Finishes – combines artistic skill and paint to imitate designs, colours and textures found in nature such as marble, stone, wood, semi-precious stones, tortoise shell and ivory. Wall surfaces & architectural details
  • Venetian Plaster –one of the most versatile and requested finishes today.  Surfaces are burnished to a smooth, sleek sheen or made to resemble aged, textured, limestone.  A wide range of tints, shades and styling options.  Wall & ceiling surfaces.
  • Colour Glazing – creates depth and movement with translucent layers of paint.  Single Process Parchment, 18th Century Double Process Parchment, Double Process 2-color Parchment, Distressed Provincial Finish, Stretched Silk, Stria, Multi-Color Graded Shading, Trompe L’oeil Sky. Wall & ceiling surfaces.
  • Metallics – fashions a contemporary metallic patina effect using pigments, powders, paints and washes.  Copper verdigris, aged bronze, pewter, pitted silver, pearlescent and iridescent effects can be achieved. Architectural details.
  • Gilding – traditional embellishing technique to accent your décor.  Paper-thin leaves of pounded 22 kt. gold, genuine silver, composition gold, aluminum, copper and variegated leaf are applied onto a prepared surface. Renaissance & Florentine finishes.  Ceiling surfaces, moldings, architectural details.
  • Custom Decorative Painting – custom decorative painting designs in any color can be created for your consideration.  Wall & ceiling surfaces, architectural details.



Speaking of the decorative arts…

Holy Hoaxes
During the Italian Renaissance, artists painted faux marble and wood-look finishes in cathedrals to cut costs of using the real thing.

Mock Marble
The very first faux marbling technique, using watered-down ink on paper, was developed in 12th-century Japan.

Washington’s Monument
President George Washington had workers coat wood with sand-impregnated paint to imitate ashlar stone at Mount Vernon.


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